Systems for the building materials industry

Exploit our 70 years of experience in the planning and construction of machines and systems for the building materials industry.


Storage technology - material provision - storage optimisation - automatic storage systems

We have become specialists for automatic storage systems and automatic material provision 70 years. Material flow optimisation has a direct influence on production efficiency. We take the process from the mechanical provision of storage goods right up to the software solution for storage logistics into consideration.

Trafö finally enables efficient storage - for sheet metal stores, high-shelf stores, stores for long materials or remnants. Small teams of experts support you with your warehouse planning through the building of the warehouse to extension and continuous optimisation of your storage. Your personal contact is always available.

"Made in Germany" is not just a label for us but the reason for above average product lifetime, maximum flexibility in adaptation of the storage technology to your needs and a guaranteed supply of spare parts for decades to come.


Want to optimise your production? Trafö will develop a tailor-made, economical automation solution for your requirements.