The revolutionary solution for automation of cutting processes


Effective material flow
TRAFÖ solutions perfect the economic efficiency by optimum utilisation of the storage space, ultra fast access,
maximum availability and an intelligent, software-supported storage administration system

High compatibility
The A4S from Astes4 reads files of the CAD/CAM systems in the standard formats (e.g. ISO, DXF, DWG etc.).
The A4S requires no programmer and operates with user-friendly software

Maximum productivity
The A4S optimises the efficiency of production:

  • Maximum productivity in the manufacturing process by eliminating wait times on the cutting system.
  • Elimination of wage costs that are normally incurred in connection with the handling of cut parts and remnants.

  • Less space required for manoeuvring the operating media.
  • The material feed and part discharge speed can be adapted automatically to the
    speed of the cutting process which minimises the energy consumption

    Effective cost saving
    The A4S can be operated automatically. This means that the cutting program can be set for three work shifts, resulting in a great financial plus and greater competitiveness
    due to the higher production capacity

    Punctual delivery
    The A4S ensures punctual deliveries to the customers by producing at fixed times
    that are not determined by workers