Setting machines


Fully automatic systems which form the kiln car lining depending on product and setting scheme

Unloading systems


For fully automatic, package wise or layer wise unloading of tunnel kiln car and formation of dispatch packages

Automatic vehicle groups


Automatic transport of loaded form carriers in the brick industry Consisting of transport platform and set-down car, with or without turntable/support arm adjustment as required

Lifting and lowering scaffolds


Vertical collection/release of loaded form carriers with variable number of levels and joints

Dryer car transport


Conveyors for dryer car, designed as cable pulls, cable winches or sliding latches

Tunnel kiln car transport


Transport and handling devices for tunnel kiln car with cable pulls, cable winches, sliding latches and sliding platforms

Horizontal and vertical form longitudinal carrier transport


by belt/chain conveyors, roller tracks and corner diverters

Grouping devices


For layer forming according to the setting scheme or for forming dispatch package layers

Brick filling systems


For automatic filling of brick cavities with mineral pellets as heat and noise insulation

Packing lines


with hooping or foil shrinking device for dispatch packages with and without pallet